Reiten in Hafling, Ausflug beim Reiturlaub in Hafling bei Meran
Reitkurse für Kinder & Erwachsene beim Reiturlaub in Hafling
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A riding holiday for the whole family in Merano and Environs

In the homeland of the gentle Haflinger horses

Our hotel is located in the middle of Avelengo/Hafling on the plateau of the same name, which offers the ideal destination for a horse riding holiday in Merano and Environs with its extensive meadows and evergreen forests. Avelengo/Hafling is also home to the good-natured and reliable mountain horses that helped the Avelengo/Hafling farmers with their hard work for centuries. When Merano/Meran developed into a spa town and attracted guests from all over the world, European nobility began to purchase these light-footed, reddish brown horses and named them "Haflinger" after the origin of the seller. The breeding of Haflinger horses ultimately began in South Tyrol in the second half of the 18th century. Haflinger horses have in the meantime developed into popular leisure horses. So it happens that they are your faithful companions on a riding holiday in Merano and Environs today. The local riding stables are not far from our hotel in Avelengo/Hafling [LINK Home] and offer riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders as well as half-day or day horse rides, pony rides for the little ones and fun carriage rides! Explore more highlights for horse lovers and information about your riding holiday at our hotel in Merano and Environs.