The perfect winter escape

Relax in the cold season

Thermal Baths Merano

The new Merano Thermal Baths are situated in the heart of the city in Merano, just a few minutes’ walk from Merano’s old town centre and the Kur Promenade. They offer a rare combination of contemporary design by the famous architect Matteo Thun and traditional South Tyrolean expertise in the art of wellbeing.
The glass cube at the heart of the Thermal Baths is all the more impressive for its harmonious interaction with the natural environment – complete with breathtaking views of the majestic Texel Mountains.
The spa facilities, including 25 indoor and outdoor pools plus eight saunas, offer all you need to relax and have a good time. And in summer the Spa Park with its romantic water lily pond and various pools is definitely the place to be. The more energetic can push themselves to the limit in the Fitness Center.
Or you might prefer to spoil yourself in the Spa & Vital Center with a whey bath, apple cream massage, grape-seed peeling and much else besides – with regional produce used for all the ingredients for the applications and for the Merano Thermal Baths line of bodycare and beauty products. At the heart of South Tyrol there is a paradise for body and soul – Merano Thermal Baths.

Hafling and the horses

Where the name "Haflinger" originates is still somewhat of a mystery.
In the second half of the 19th century Merano became a renowned spa town, and in that time this resilient fine little horse caught some noblemen's eye, while farmers from Hafling used it to carry things up and down the steep roads. Many of these gentlemen, who came to Merano from all over Europe, were interested in this special horse and began calling it a „Haflinger“.

The organised breeding of the Haflinger horses started only in the second half of the 18th century. The foundation stallion "Folie", son of the half-caste oriental El-Bedawi and a refined mare was born in 1874 in Schluderns. Nowadays the Hafling horse association has the responsability of promoting the stimulation and the breeding of the Haflinger horse.

The adaptability of this modest and good natured, dependable and tenacious mountain horse is generally admired, and this light-footed, bay, brilliant white crested lean horse is becoming more and more popular. The former working animal has developed into a leisure horse. On the Tschoegglberg range, according to a centuries old tradition, a large part of horses are still held as single animals, in pairs or in small groups on local farms.

Horse riding in Hafling

The riding stables of Hafling offer riding lessons for beginners and advanced students, hour rides, half day and day rides, riding on ponies, coach journeys, horse sledgings and guided tours for kids.

Winter hiking

To experience winter at its most beautiful: Whether your preference is short promenades in fresh snow or extensive snowshoe trekking tours on gorgeous trails in high altitude, at our house the whole family will discover all they are looking for.

  • Smaller hiking tours in combination with the ski bus in Hafling:
    the ski bus takes you from Hafling village to Falzeben. From there, you can come back in an easy going hike on trail No.14 and then on the „Buergele“ path. Duration: about 1 hour.
    From Falzeben you go back to St Kathrein taking trail No.14 or No.50. The ski bus will bring you back to your starting point. 
  • To the Leadner alp ( 1514m)
    From the parking place in Hafling village you can hike to the Leadner alp or the mountain restaurant Waldbichl in about 1 hour on foot, take trail No.16.
    You can also reach the Leadner alp or the mountain restaurant Waldbichl in about 1 hour by starting from Voeran village. The starting point is at the parking place of Gruener Baum inn, trail No.16.
  • To Merano 2000
    From Hafling/ Falzeben you can hike to the Pfiffinger peak in about 1 hour on foot – or by cable car. From there you follow the trail to Merano hut (you have to cross the ski slope). This trail is very popular also in wintertime, up and downhill in about 3 hours.
    If you take the chair lift from Piffing to the Waidmann alp, you will see that the Merano hut is within sight – from this point you can go back to Piffing, or directly to the starting point to Falzeben in a comfortable hike (about 2 hours).
  • Extraordinary mountain pasture round trip
    From Hafling village the hiking trail leads to Wurzer alp via path No. 2 (1707m), from there it continues in a southeastwards direction to the Voeran alp (1873m). The circular route leads you to the forestry trail to Leadner alp (1514m) and finally on trail No.16 back to the departing point. Duration: about 4 1/2 hours.
  • Snowshoe trekking to the Kreuzjoechl ridge (1984m)
    From Hafling/ Falzeben you hike across the mountain pasture of Waidmann alp to the Merano hut, from here continue on the European long distance trail E5 until you reach Kreuzjoechl. The way back leads through Moschwald alp and Maiser alp to Falzeben (complete hiking time about 4 hours).
  • Snow hike round trip
    The round trip begins quite level from Hafling/ Falzeben and goes on path No.51, first to Sinichbach, then increasing incline to the Moschwald alp (1750m), and then mostly level again to the Maiser alp (1783m). From here, you should follow first trail No.17, then No.14, in the direction of Rotwand untill you reach the renowned Zuegg hut (1765m). From there it is an easy descent to the starting point Falzeben. The whole round trip is well signposted. Duration: about 3 hours.

Restaurants open in winter: Leadner alp inn, Waldbichl Alpine inn, Zuegg hut, Piffinger peak mountain lodge, Waidmannalm hut, Merano hut.
* Open in summer only: Moschwald alp, Maiser alp, Wurzer alp, Voeran alp.

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